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AprilAire Humidifier:
Cures indoor dryness throughout the house

Humidification process: 


It is adding moisture to the air. It is one of the most important aspects of indoor comfort. But it’s one of the least understood. One reason is that it’s intangible. It can’t be seen, touched, or smelled. No color, no sound. But when controlled it has proven many benefits. 



  • Illnesses, colds, and flu are less likely to happen. 
  • Nasal passages and throat don’t dry out. 
  • Eases dry eyes or itchy skin. 
  • When properly controlled within a home, it provides effective virus protection. 
  • Reduces the presence of allergens, asthma triggers, and other respiratory irritants.  
  • Prevents hardwood flooring from drying out and cracking. 
  • It helps with most construction on furniture and instruments, doesn’t dry out, joints don’t separate, and cracks don’t appear. 

Your home and furnishings make up what is likely your largest investment. Humidity control helps keep them in good condition. 


There is a Steam canister inside the machine. Recommended replacement once per year, or after the coldest months of the year. Heating the air dries it out quicker. 

AprilAire Humidifier
scented Vent Machine

Scented Vent:
A whole home scenting solution

A Scented Vent: 


Is a diffusing unit which attaches to your HVAC system, it sends a subtle scent throughout your home, by injecting a dry mist into your ductwork every time your furnace turns on. 




  • Uses the filtered air to diffuse other fragrances into micro particles. 
  • Long lasting scent that is not lost through evaporation like candles or other common scent products. 
  • Unlike candles and some plug-in oils, there are no worries about running a unit while away from home. 
  • Child and Pet friendly. 
  • Contains a deodorizing agent that helps remove the unpleasant smells from the air in your home, rather than just masking them. 
  • Easy to use, connects to Wi-Fi so you can change settings whenever you like. 
  • Customize settings for your own comfort and home needs.  

Scented Vents have canisters that need to be replaced when empty. 

Some scents last longer than others, some scents are stronger. Could potentially see six months out of a canister, depending on customers’ liking. 


Canisters range from $50 to $90  

There are over 20 options for fragrances 

Air scrubber:
Ozone Free and Ozone Purifier

Ozone Free: 

Removes 99.97% of all particles that are microns in diameter from the air. Which helps with irritation or allergies symptoms. But Ozone free are not effective against odors, VOC’S or other gaseous pollutants. This purifier does not produce Ozone.  


Ozone Purifier: 

This purifier does all of the things that Ozone free purifier’s do, But Ozone eliminates odors, such as Tobacco smoke, human and pet odor, food odors, mold and mildew, garbage and renovation. Ozone completely destroys the gasses in the air that we smell. It kills harmful bacteria, VOC gasses and other particles that could be harmful to us over time.  


VOC’S:  Volatile Organic Compounds,  

These are gasses that are emitted into the air from products or processes. Not as common, but over time single gasses can be harmful. More common is when multiple pollutants and gases connect with each other, then react as a harmful gas over time. Rare effects when multiple harmful gasses react with each other over long periods of time, they can start producing cancerous gasses.  


This is when purchasing an Ozone purifier will prevent all of this, by cleaning the air and lowering the VOC’S in the house. 


We highly recommend these purifiers when the household has children/babies, dogs or big families. Anything that produces pollutants or particles or anything that produces large amount of odors. 

Recommended cell replacement every couple years. Average cost per cell $150 

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